Thursday, February 26, 2009


I think that as a final test before graduation, medical students should have to play a game called "Organ Trail". But it's actually just the game "Oregon Trail" but in a different box, but they dont' know that. So they study all their organs to pass "Organ Trail" only to find that knowing your organs won't help you at all when your oxen all die because you foolishly tried to cross a swollen river. It would teach them a valuable lesson that would help them throughout their careers.

I'm just not sure what that lesson is.


becky said...

i hope that lesson has nothing to do with my nether regions!

Cheetah said...

I think the lesson is probably more along the lines of learning how to pay the best price for wheat. But just think how more confident you would be with a doctor who knows the value of wheat inspecting your nethers.