Saturday, November 21, 2009

Comic Con!

Last July I went to Comic Con. I took a ton of pictures because there probably isn't a better place for taking pictures anywhere in the world. Say you would like to see some sort of wolf/robot/ninja costume mixed all into one, all the while the person in the costume is juggling 4 or 5 cats. Sounds like you're out of luck, right? NOPE!! Comic Con is the place for you. I mention the wolf/robot/ninja costume because I saw that very thing at comic con, on the first day no less. That's when you know things are about to get real (imaginary).

SADLY! I promptly downloaded my pictures onto my computer in giddy anticipation of reliving the event in the comforts of my own room, like any good nerd would. Then, without warning, my computer a-sploded, and all the pictures were lost, and unlike a good nerd I don't seem to have any idea how computers actually work and therefore don't even know how I would manage to get them back. This may seem like a horrifying event, but don't you worry. I have committed the whole event to memory. Here's exactly what the wolf/robot/ninja person looked like (the juggling cats thing was made up).

There's not a whole lot of room at Comic Con. Personal space is an amusing afterthought. The first time I saw wolf/robot/ninja (wobotja) man was when we practically ran into each other. One minute I'm watching two people in crazy japanese cartoon costumes pretend to fight with WAAAAYYY oversized weapons, then the crowd gets a bit unruly and I feel myself bump into something. I turn around and there was the wobotja.

Someone once said that the only way to truely learn what kind of man you are is by judging your reactions under duress. I'm the kind of man who wets himself when a wobotja gets up in his grill. Not what I was going for.

But lets move on to Comic Con in general.

The first thing you notice about Comic Con is that there is an unending amount of stuff you can buy. Every table has some sort of goods, and at first you think, yeah, I may spend a few bucks. Very soon however, you notice that you have gone through $300 and all you have to show for it is a drawing of catwoman from some fellow who may or may not actually be associated with Comic Con, and his catwoman drawing looks a lot like, well, wobotja. It takes a while before a person realizes that there is an art to Comic Con, like being at the right place to get a drawing of something that looks like it is supposed to. It's a perfect balance between desire, accounting, the ability to slide through two people standing really close together, and some other things. Wanna know what it looks like to be at Comic Con as if you were seeing through the eyes of someone there? Here...

The one aspect that I can't draw is that that at least three of those people have just farted. You'll have to imagine that part. Also, not everyone has a single fang. I just don't know how to draw teeth. But the idea is that it's very crowded.

Now, you may think from the above posts that I didn't like my Comic Con experience, but nothing could be further from the truth. It's possibly the greatest event on earth. It has all the elements of a great hollywood movie. There's action (figures), there's drama (is Stan Lee finally going to go crazy and attack someone?), there's romance (somewhere, probably). Yes, it's the best time I've ever had.

And so ends my brief synopsis of Comic Con. I had really wanted to post pictures but they are gone and so we must endure.

Oh, and this happened....

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Anonymous said...

Honestly, I almost hope you lose every single photo you ever take, ever and have to recreate them ALL. hilarious!!