Wednesday, June 9, 2010


We've been talking a lot about rocks the last couple of posts, which is a subject that is interesting to very few people. So, in an effort to include a wider range of interesting things, here is a post about Star Trek.

Star Trek the Next Generation was missing one character. A deep southern gentleman who wasn't really part of the crew and wore old bib-overalls and would climb in the rafters and play his futuristic banjo and would teach Data some of the less pleasant human characteristics. He wouldn't be in every episode, in fact he would proabably be in just a few. But if you looked close enough you would see signs of him in the background. Like maybe an old log raft leaning against Worf's console, or perhaps a crude figure of Dianna Troi sitting on the captain's chair that the character had carved from a solid piece of plastic torn from a wall somewhere in the ship. And anytime the crew would meet up with an enemy who was too strong and negoitations were tense, he would show up and listen in. Then, just when things seem their darkest and when there is a pause in the arguing, he could say something funny like "Welllll....Pig shit!". And then everyone would laugh. Also, he can grant wishes, but no one knows that yet.


Kim said...

This post contains the trifecta of awesome blogging:

1) containing a reference to either Star Trek or William Shatner

2) poking fun of the South (amiright?!)

3) profanity

Ahh, well done, my friend.

Cheetah said...

Ha! It's true! Profanity is funny, as are deep south stereotypes. That being said, I have never been to the deep south.