Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ghost Town Tuesday - Silver Reef, Utah (Part I)

First and foremost, I'm aware that I've already covered Silver Reef in a blog post. I am also aware that it was an incredible post, and it probably rocked your world. But something got to bothering me. While it was an incredible post and world-rocking likely took place, much of it isn't true. Either that or much of the history simply wasn't there in the first place. So in the spirit of self-internet-improvement, I vote we revisit Silver Reef.

The modern town of Silver Reef has no residents except for jack rabbits, dust, and sagebrush. And also a couple dozen residents. But don't let the fact that Silver Reef has technically been re-peopled take away from the incredible amount of history that once stood on that same spot. A little over one hundred and twenty years ago you would have been standing in a bustling town filled with intrigue, cussing, sand, spitting, some more intrigue, women, guns, women with guns, and other such things.

Silver Reef is located down near the southwestern corner of Utah, about 16 miles north of St. George, a city that is filled with retired folks with HUGE blind spots. Here's a map.