Wednesday, June 29, 2011


This post isn't about rocks. It isn't about ghost towns, mines, homemade dilbert cartoons, or any of the other stuff I usually pass off as educational material. No, this post is about the fact that our little club of virtual geologists has expanded to 32 people! No longer could you fit us all in a sensibly-sized sedan! In fact, there are restaurants that would have a hard time accommodating us all! So go ahead and give yourself a hearty handshake (don't let other people see you) and drink deeply of the milkshake of self-satisfaction! And as added bonus, I figure I might as well let you all have a sneak-peak into the things I have planned for this blog....More of the same! Everyone hates change!


SenorFuego said...

I've actually been following you for a year now...just made it official by pressing follow. Keep up the dry humor...I enjoy it.

Cheetah said...

Excellent! Welcome to the fold SenorFuego!