Thursday, July 21, 2011

Important Blog Update!

It is my birthday.

At this point all I can do is sit back and remember how excited I used to get over my birthday. When I was younger (and less disgusted with the world) I would spend the days before birthday sitting around wearing this goofy expression on my face and watch Duck Tales.

Sadly, as is true with everything, getting older has taken the fun out of birthdays.

For example, I'm writing this at work. To a kid, the idea of working on your birthday would seem as outrageous as the concept of car ownership.

A lot of people thing that the reason birthdays aren't as much fun in later years is because we become increasingly aware of the limits of mortality. While it's true that an 85-year old probably has more reason to fear the increasingly likelihood of not waking up tomorrow, I don't think that is the main reason that birthdays are less entertaining. I suspect that the cause lays with the decreasing quality/entertaining value of the presents. Kids get great presents

Adults, on the other hand, get decidedly less fun presents. Useful, sure, but less fun.

I'm not saying that I hate getting useful things. Even as a kid you need to get socks or playing with your SUPER FUN PRETEND GUN FUN TIME will become a painful ordeal. What I am saying is that a birthday filled ONLY with useful gifts is equally troubling as a birthday filled ONLY with fun gifts. All the socks in the world won't help you pretend to defend President Lincoln from a swarm of robotic ants and becoming the hero of the coal-age.

Old people need fun gifts more than anyone because they have the shortest amount of time left to reach their desired fun-having goals, and yet they frequently receive the most unfortunate mixture of not-very-useful AND not-very-fun gifts.

So, what is the point of this? I'm not sure myself. Mostly I've just enjoyed not working for the last couple of hours. You should probably all wish me a happy birthday though. Go ahead! The button is right down there in the corner! Do it!!!


Dan said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! I am really sorry and sand that my present to you did not work out. I will keep you in mind and be more careful the next time i find abandoned wildlife.

Bunnie said...

I don't really know you, but you are consistently entertaining so I feel like I have to say something. So yeah, happy birthday. Maybe you will get a super fun pretend blowup doll fun time thingy. Or something.

Megan said...

happy birthday scottie!!!

Oakley said...

Happy Birthday Scott! Hope to see you soon!

Jared and Reini said...

Well stated. Happy birthday!!!

Kim said...

Happy birthday, friend!