Monday, October 3, 2011

Mines, and the Ghosts that love them. Part I

Here we are, deep within the bowels of Halloween season. In honor of the season, I thought it might be fun to dabble in the world of the supernatural.

Mines aren't all fun and games. Like all the works of man, they are hot, dangerous places that feature several ways to kill you quickly, and even more ways to kill you rather slowly. It's like Junior High. It's even worse with ye olde mines, the kind that have been long abandoned and are filled with nails waiting to plug themselves into your fleshy human foot. If you find an old, abandoned mine that featured a fire or collapse that ended the career of several folks, then you are pretty much guaranteed a mean case of haunting fever.

Now, if you read up on the subject (which I have sorta done) you will find that different ghosts are created from different events. It's like how different minerals form with according to how much pressure and temperature they are exposed to (just to connect this thing back to geology). And as I said earlier, mines have several ways to kill you. Thus it makes sense that there would be several different types of ghosts haunting the mines around your city. This post, and the others that will follow are going to take a look at your standard mine ghosts.

Ghost #1

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