Saturday, February 6, 2010

Working on Saturday

If I have to work, you have to endure my crappy blog posts.

Also, someone keeps googling "busty mermaids" to find this blog. I hope whoever this person is that they find what they are looking for.


Dan said...

He, he!!! Working on Saturday totally sucks!! Especially when you are a salary employee. Do you think Saddam likes busty mermaids? I wonder what is in Saddam's lunch box. Maybe some french fries and limp bacon?

Megan said...

Saddam probably has a busty mermaid on his lunch box. He probably does. But she's wearing a veil so you can't tell.

Scott, I emailed you like 20 years ago about making a list of 14 things you love so you can be a guest author on my blog. But you're probably too good for me. So, that's okay. If you'd rather just drill holes on I-15, then I understand. That's fine.