Sunday, November 4, 2012


Well, Halloween came and passed, like a case of haunted Giardia. Did I do anything of note? Who are you to be asking me these questions? I don't answer to you! I don't answer to anyone! Well, except for my boss. And the highway patrol. And that girl at Subway who I think is flirting with me, or may just be interested in what I want on my sandwich. Also the media. And sometimes the utility company. Also the cell phone company, stoplights, America First Credit Union, snakes, loud noises, insomnia, whatever the opposite of insomnia is (outsomina?), burritos, leaking packets of sweet and sour sauce that get on my fries, and laundry. Other than that, I am a free man who answers to no one! I would love to show you pictures of what I did, but I am sleepy because I had to make my bed today and instead I just sorta fell asleep on the laundry pile for a few hours. These things happen when you live the wild life like me.

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