Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Promise To Return To That Which Is Important

Hey Folks! I still have 54 followers! And I haven't posted in ages! It's not my fault though. I sleep more nowadays. Gone are my days of only getting 10 hours of sleep a night! Anyway, you are all probably feeling pretty bad that I'm not posting more. And why wouldn't you? I gave you light, only to take it away. So, how about this. I promise to post this awesome thing about Calcite as soon as I can finish all these stupid drawings. Is calcite interesting? Nope. But I have some and that is all it takes to get a blog post made about you. some point I'm going to post again. Probably.


The Hill said...

You have 55 now, so post something.

Shannon said...

I just stumbled accross your blog, WHY ARE YOU NOT WRITING ANYMORE? You have a gift. Ready. Set. Go.

Gabby said...

You are hilarious. Please keep writing!