Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The final tonsil post

Alright, on the 4 week anniversary of my tonsillectomy I will say a few last words about it. It sucked. It wasn't as bad as I thought, but it sucked. I heard that bleeding can happen, and you can end up looking like you are shooting red fruit punch out their mouth, but that never happened to me. Just pure, beautiful blinding pain. Concerning the scabs, they taste horrible. Like worse than anything ever tasted by anyone ever before ever. EVER.

Being knocked out isn't fun, nor is it painful. It really isn't anything. One second you are sitting there strapped to a table making a joke about this being 30 cc's of fun and some lady puts this tube thing in your arm. Then suddenly there is a new lady telling you to drink some coke and that you can leave as soon as you feel well enough to stand. You do get to keep the little sock-like things, so that's pretty cool.

Overall, to anyone undecided on the topic of getting your tonsils out, I will tell you this. It's not ALL that bad. You really grow to miss food that isn't of the "frozen" and "purple" variety, but just think of how good that food tastes when you get to go back to it! But don't go back to it too soon, cus it hurts like a swarm of angry cats clawing your face.

That's all I know.


The Hill said...

Sock-like things?

Lostinthought said...

Did you get to keep the pearls?