Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A message to club members

If you are not an official member of the secret club, then don't read this post. Or go read the post below and then read this post. Remember the Password!

*Secret message!!*

Club ranks have already swollen to 4! 4 members! Soon we will have enough members to fill a moderate sized sedan!

Alright, now back to blogging. I enjoy rocks and work with them for a living. So I'm going to start doing some rock based posts. Maybe the post will contain interesting, factual information concerning a particular rock, or maybe it will contain a series of elabrate lies that I have made up. Either way, let's have fun with it.

Tomorrow with be Magnitite. The rock with no friends....


Dan said...

Now that's a conundrum!

heather said...

This secret club is great! It's almost like no one else knows about it!

Cheetah said...

Guyz, I have to be honest, I didn't really think anyone would read that post about the start of my secret club. So I'm going to have to flush out most of the details. All I know is that secret clubs are, like, the coolest thing a person can be in.