Monday, March 23, 2009

Secret Weapons Galore!

It is a little know fact that the battle between the Merrimac and Monitor was actually nothing more than a fight between two stranded-at-sea kittens, both of whom were chasing a leaf floating on the water. Also one kitten was in color because I can't figure out paint.


Cheetah said...

This is what happens when my work gets slow. You have no one to blame but yourselves.

Megs said...

wait, so you're making these? I thought somebody else had put them together and you were making fun of them. But you are the creator? Wow. That kicks it up to a whole new level. When are you going to start putting together pictures of babies playing saxophones?

Anyway, keep it up.

And I hope that more work comes in soon since I don't want anybody getting fired over there.

Kim Raynor said...

Now we know those Dahlgren guns were shooting nothing more harmful than hairballs.

Also, this:

Also: diet soda spewed on my keyboard.

Cheetah said...

I am making these. For reasons that I can't quite put into words. Wait, yes I can. I'm bored.

Dahlgren guns have been long known to leave battlefields gooey and hair-covered