Thursday, March 19, 2009


You know what don't get enough positive press nowadays? Dams. Big concrete dams. Do they kill off fish and stuff? Yeah, probably, but the fish would do it to you if they had the chance. I once went to the Hoover Dam, and it was really huge. Like, if a huge army of animated Statue of Liberties came to Nevada and tried to take over the place, they would have a hard time getting over this dam. It's that big. Also, when you take the tour, the tour guide keeps making the "Dam *blank*" joke. Like "Dam tour" or "Dam fishermen" or "Dam economy" and stuff. But somehow it's still funny. Also you can buy hats with pictures of the dam on it, which are actually pretty stupid because you can't really tell that it's a picture of a dam on it. It just sorta looks like a fat "L". So if you are a fan of fat "L"'s, then I know where you can get some cool hats.

Anyway, let's embrace our hulking concrete brothers. I bet if a dam could feel, it would want to waddle over to you and embrace you in a dam hug.


Megs said...

one of my friends has a father who was the dean of civil engineering up and over on around to the Utah State University ("GO AGGIES!" That's what they all say up there in Logan).

Anyway, this man, Loren Runar Anderson is his name, was obsessed with dams. I mean, he loved the things. And every time he worked on a new one he'd write a song about it.

He's got a ton of songs under his belt and his kids can sing them too.

True story.

Maybe you could start doing something like that for soil classifications or rock deposits or something. You know, a little silty sand jingle to break up your day.

Cheetah said...

Hey, that's not a bad idea. Silty Sand has deserved a jingle since it was first created. I don't know when that was, but probably a long time ago. I will look into the matter.